Learn to Spot, Treat & Overcome Periodontal Disease

Learn to Spot, Treat & Overcome Periodontal Disease

Living life to the fullest doesn’t mean engaging to unhealthy lifestyle. That is why your dentist is always near you in case you need help. Their existence is made not just to cure or treat different types of illnesses but to boost, improve and maximize your dental health. However, living healthy lifestyle is not always a good idea to some. Of course, we are referring to those who are deeply hooked up with bad oral practices, like excessive drinking and smoking.

But by seeing and comprehending the ideas below, you will further understand how important it is to follow what’s right.

Healthy living isn’t just about balanced diet and regular exercising but it also involves good oral care and right dental hygiene. These practices help your teeth or dental health survive and fight any kinds of dental problems, including periodontal disease.

We are all aware that periodontal disease is an infection to the tissues that support your teeth. If left ignored, this can cause your gums to break down, allowing the infection to flourish and progress. Based on research, this condition is the leading cause of tooth loss problem. Since this primarily affects the tissues surrounding your teeth, expect the worst to happen, like experiencing your teeth and gums to fall out! And we don’t want that to happen, do we?

Because periodontal disease cases are gradually increasing today, dentists encouraged individuals to learn the root causes of gum problems and how to fight them.

Gum diseases usually take place if your gums are not healthy. This can be easily identified if your gums start to get red and puffy. Red gums highly indicate excess level of bad bacteria, dental plaques, tartars which can cause gum disease. Followed by sudden bleeding, tenderness and persistent bad breath, experts confirmed that periodontal disease doesn’t hit full force. And it goes through a particular course.

The first course of gum disease is gingivitis. This is considered the mildest stage of gum disease which can be easily cured by your professional dentist. From being mild, gingivitis may develop if left overlooked and ignored. The condition is called periodontitis. This is the severe form of gum disease where pockets appear all through your teeth’s base, causing your gums to pull away and your teeth to fall out.

Periodontal disease isn’t hard to identify. By simply attending your regular dental consultations, you can easily perceive if you have one. However, some are quite less attentive to their dental health most especially to those who are engaged with bad oral habits, such as smoking and intense drinking. Not to mention those with dental anxiety.

A lot of dental experts conclude that gum diseases are caused by some factors. Number one is excessive smoking or chewing of tobacco. This is followed by alcohol drinking. Stress and poor nutrition are also deemed as risk factors that cause periodontal disease. In accordance with research, stress leaves body prone to infection. The case is pretty similar with poor nutrition where your body’s immune system is weak which make it difficult to fight illnesses, including periodontal diseases.

Gum diseases also take place to those who have systematic diseases. Diabetes is a living proof to that. Since diabetes is more about viral infections, the body’s capability to heal itself puts them at risk to periodontal diseas. Other factors that cause gum disease are medications and drugs, including contraceptives, heart medicines and the likes. Pregnant women are also discovered prone to gum problems. The very cause is due to hormonal imbalance. No wonder why expectant moms are always reminded to continue their oral regimens, considering that gum disease can cause premature birth.

There are treatments available for gum disease today. However, preventing them from coming is always the best solution to keep your gums and teeth fully intact! Let’s start with proper oral hygiene. This regimen reminds you to floss and brush daily. The simple deed can help your gums fight bad bacteria and dental plaques.

Of course, don’t forget regular dental visits. Remember that consulting a dentist will help you detect and overcome gum disease the soonest! Most cases, dental consultations are done twice per year. However, for those who have gum disease, it may require more than twice dental office visits.

For starters, you are always reminded to choose a credible dentist. Always undergo proper assessment and make sure he attends reliable dental schools, such as the ones around us.