Averting Black Hairy Tongue The Best Way

Averting Black Hairy Tongue The Best Way


Things are getting weirder especially when you are infected by some sort of rare disease. One of the most strange and rare dental conditions today is having black hairy tongue. And when we talk about hairy, it means few strands are emerging right on top of your tongue. To avoid this creepy, hairy syndrome, inquire an emergency dentist in San Jose CA near you.


Black hairy tongue or also referred to as lingua villosa nigra is a rare condition in which the tongue is filled with black hairs. This condition is totally harmless even though it appears to be alarming and scary. However, this doesn’t imply that such condition should be neglected. Imagine yourself wearing black hairs on the tongue. Although it’s a harmless condition, you cannot deny the fact that holding those is actually undesirable most especially if you’re maintaining excellent smile (oral health).


As outlined by most ER dentists, there are different factors which can cause black hairy tongue (BHT) such as extreme usage of tobacco or cigars, dry mouth, unhealthy diet, poor oral hygiene and medications.


Black hairy tongue is a rare condition – no question to that. However, studies show that BHT today is expanding and growing across the globe. Bacteria, on the contrary, is said to be among the causes of black hairy tongue. When a human tongue is bombarded by too much bacteria, it results to yeast infection. Small bumps right on the tongue start to leak when bacteria successfully penetrate. This can harbor the taste buds known as papillae. When papillae are disturbed by these bacteria, fuzzy appearance becomes evident which appears to be like black or brown hair.


Basically, black hairy tongue starts to progress on the tongue’s tip part. Even though this condition is harmless and temporary, still it affects the physical appearance of your mouth. BHT can also be a root cause for bad breath. Halitosis or bad breath is a condition where you exhibit a stinky odor that greatly affects your social life and self-esteem.


Even though there are no firm explanations about the main cause of black hairy tongue, experts uncovered some factors which can increase the risk of having such condition.


Antibiotics and other medications can create chances of developing BHT. Antibiotics are made to kill bad bacteria. However, there are instances that it kills good bacteria. This is where yeasts in the body become uncontrollable. In addition, bad oral habits like skipping daily brushing is also reported as a root cause of black hairy tongue syndrome. Usually, individuals who lack dental hygiene invite tons of bacteria especially when they skip proper brushing and flossing. One factor which can also increase the probability of BHT is mouthwashes. There are studies that show that excessive intake of mouthwashes can modify lots of bacteria. Most of these mouthwashes contain strong agents like peroxide. Astringents and coffee are also deemed to be part as the root causes of BHT.


Luckily, BHT is a temporary condition. Nonetheless, it’s still great to have it managed and controlled. The best way to control such dilemma is through proper scraping and brushing of the tongue. This can eliminate countless bacteria or any irritants which can cause black hairy tongue.


As a final point, attend regular dental visits to keep your tongue healthy and free from dangerous bacteria.