Basic Steps of Preventing Tooth Loss

A complete set of teeth is favorable in terms of showcasing perfect smile. When teeth are properly dealt with, oral problems are remained at bay. However, there are times that teeth are neglected which make them susceptible to danger.

In present times, there are countless dental problems circulating across the globe. Most of these problems can cause severe damages which may lead to serious medical conditions. Tooth loss is among the most frequent dental complications today. This type of problem mostly transpires because of dietary habits and poor oral hygiene. Based on experts’ analysis, there are 25 percent of American adults who experience tooth loss while others are due to trauma, dental neglect and accidents. These dental hardships are thoroughly handled mostly by 24 hr dentists.

Although it’s quite impossible to avoid tooth loss, there are still effective ways to prevent it from coming. Experts claimed that the following steps below are fairly efficient in avoiding tooth loss:

1. Thorough Brushing – Proper brushing has been a common practice when it comes to whitening teeth. Aside from whitening the teeth, thorough brushing is also conducted to eliminate countless food debris and bacteria. As all of us know, food debris and bacteria are dangerous for your teeth especially when they are stuck and left neglected. Experts said that tooth brushing is the most basic step in achieving excellent oral health. However, due to individuals’ frantic schedules, this practice is typically disregarded. A person who overlooks brushing mostly acquires dental plaque build-up. The build-up of dental plaques may result to dental tartar – an irritant that is extremely hard to remove using a toothbrush. In normal case, plaques are removed when you brush your teeth for at least two minutes.

Needless to say, using a soft-bristled toothbrush is advised by most dental experts. Soft-bristled toothbrushes are efficient in removing food particles and plaques without irritating the gums and teeth. Specialists report that soft-bristled toothbrushes are beneficial to those individuals who have sensitive teeth and gums. In connection to this, dental plaques may develop as cavities which might put the tooth in peril. Tooth decay is a tooth disease that requires tooth extraction especially if the infected tooth is too severe to handle. And we all know that extracting the tooth means tooth loss. As a whole, it is exceedingly appropriate to brush your teeth twice per day. By so doing, you can prevent and reduce the likelihood of tooth loss.

2. Dental Flossing – Next to tooth brushing, flossing your teeth is also important in completing the proper oral hygiene regimen. Dental floss incorporates a cord of filaments that is essentially used to remove food debris and dental plaques. Even though brushing your teeth is effective in removing dental plaques, there are circumstances in which your toothbrush can’t remove such plaques. This is the primary explanation why dental flossing is required. When you floss your teeth, you can remove hundreds of dental plaques particularly those who are located at hard-reach areas. While flossing the teeth, you can eliminate plaques hiding between the teeth – any place that can’t reach by a simple toothbrush. The floss is thoroughly inserted in between the teeth while scraping and eradicating the plaques near the gum line and in between teeth.

Just like tooth brushing, dental flossing is also proficient in reducing the risks of gum disease and halitosis. Gum disease is a serious periodontal disease that destroys the gum tissues. This problem inflames your gums which results to terrible bleeding. Halitosis, on the contrary, is a type of dental problem where your mouth releases an awful breath. Although flossing is important in following proper hygiene, keep in mind that it is not used as a substitution for tooth brushing. Dental flossing and brushing are both partners in terms of saving the tooth from getting extraction.

3. Proper Oral Care – Since most individuals know the right oral hygiene, still, nothing can beat the oral care received from a professional dentist. Attending regular dental visits is pretty essential especially in monitoring the teeth. Through this step, you can impede the probable cause of tooth loss. Professional dental care gives you instant information about tooth loss. With your dentist, you can take regular dental exams which can aid you maintain excellent oral health. In case you have fears in taking dental exams, checkups or even facing your dentist, there are instruments which can help you alleviate the problem. An oral care coming from your dentist is reliable and ensures positive comeback. You can acquire proper teeth cleaning which can help you remove plaques and tartar. A set of Pearly-white teeth is also 100% guaranteed when you attend professional dental care. Experts said that every individual should attend regular dental visits for at least twice per year.

Tooth loss is a dental problem that should be monitor closely. Studies show that tooth loss can impact the jaw bone. The bones in the jaw require proper stimulation by a tooth to retain its form, strength and density. However, with the full presence of tooth loss, the stimulation process might not be executed. Tooth loss may also result to bite problems that may disturb proper chewing. Last of all, tooth loss can also destroy the aesthetics of your teeth and smile. Of course, nobody wants to smile with a missing tooth.

Fortunately, tooth loss can be resolved through dental implants. However, keep in mind that implants and dentures may deteriorate as they are only artificial teeth. Remember that no one can match the natural tooth. Hence, always follow the provided basic steps above to avoid tooth loss.