Chronic Dental Illnesses of Women

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Although women come in different sizes, shapes and tastes, they fall in one particular once they get exposed from dental problems. After all, dental problems affect anyone, regardless of age and gender. With dental problems capability to induce risks to oral health, women who are active in dental hygiene possess an edge in fighting dental problems particularly those that highly affect women.

Indeed, there are dental problems that find women more attractive than men. These chronic dental difficulties put every woman’s oral health in peril. Worse, this could contribute to general health conditions. As per stated by statistics, there are three dental problems that caught women’s attention.chronic-dental-illnesses-of-women

Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome, otherwise known as TMJ or TMD disorder, is a rampant condition, affecting approximately 10 million American citizens worldwide. Ninety percent of them are women. TMJ dysfunction is a condition that induces popping and clicking of jaw every time you open it. It comes with other health risks and issues, including facial pain, headache, earache, bruxism, unnecessary dental wear and tear and bite problems or malocclusion. There’s no doubt why it can cause major discomforts to your jaw joints, facial muscles, nerves and other surrounding tissues. While there’s no definite cause of TMJ, dentists find stress to be the primary cause of this difficulty. This connects with arthritis, joint structure issues, dietary deficiency and hormonal imbalance, typical health problems suffered by women.

Gingivitis is a gum infection and the mildest form of gum disease. It affects both men and women regardless of age. But highly triggers those expectant moms, garnering 50 percent of its population. Dental professionals referred this condition as pregnancy gingivitis. Gingivitis in pregnant women induces several health risks. It can cause gum inflammation, tenderness and bleeding. If left ignored, the condition escalates to another level, exposing you to a more severe gum disease type, called as periodontitis. Not to mention, this can affect your unborn child which can result in premature labor and low birth rate. Great news is gingivitis contains corresponding treatments. Women who put up with this problem can visit a periodontist, a dental specialist that works in preventing, fighting and treating periodontal disorder.

Burning mouth syndrome is a condition most menopausal women experience. This lets you suffer from a burning sensation, accompanied with dry mouth, mouth soreness, tenderness and tingling. If left ignored, this can result to sleep problems. Menopausal women suffer from hormonal changes and reduction of saliva production. These contributors are adequate enough to set off the risks of burning mouth syndrome.

While the three mentioned dental problems highly affect women, this serves a wake up to every lady with regards to their oral health and its importance. Nevertheless, this doesn’t imply men should stop with their dental obligations. Bear in mind that dental care and good oral hygiene are advisable both to men and women. This preventive technique can combat all the risks of dental problems. Thus, helps you achieve healthier oral health and body.

Finding a responsible dentist thru calling their 24 hour dental emergency hotline is among the key in achieving excellent oral and overall health.