Dental Abscess Warning Signs and Treatments

Dental problems should not be overlooked. They must be provided with attention to avoid any future problems. The mouth and body are virtually connected. Therefore, one dental issue might result to serious health problems.


There are plenty of oral issues reported today including dental abscess. Dental abscess is an infection which worsens dental cavities. This can bring about pain and tooth loss as it greatly inflicts the tooth pulp chamber. Apart from oral cavities, dental abscess might also originate from tooth trauma especially when the tooth is broken or chipped. Gum disease or gingivitis can also be a cause of dental abscess. For instant medical attention, you can contact a dentist in San Jose.


Studies also show that dental abscess mostly takes place to individuals who have poor or weak immune system. As all of us know, a person with weak immune system is prone to several health problems. Aside from the aforementioned problems stated above which cause dental abscess, cancer and leukemia can also trigger dental abscess. Health problems like AIDS, trauma, severe burns and diabetes are also identified as factors of dental abscess.


Since dental abscess exposes the tooth enamel, this allows the bacteria to spread and affect the pulp. The tooth pulp is the center of the tooth that produces sharp pain when infected. Infections of dental abscess may spread on other parts of the teeth including the tissues and bones that support it. With that, it pays to contemplate the signs and symptoms of dental abscess along with its treatments.


Warning signs of dental abscess comes with different grounds and dental cases. Basically, the living tissues and bones that support the teeth might become infected when bacteria earn its way to the insides of the tooth. When this case becomes severe, the toothache might result to extreme damages. Hence, it is best to consider dental treatments outside your home before it gets worse. When you consider medical attention, you will undergo thorough checkups and dental examinations. When it comes to dental abscess’ warning sign, the most common indication of this is toothache. As what is explained earlier, toothache is the evident ground of dental abscess. Next to this is having red and swollen gums, throbbing, swelling in the jaw and bad breath.


When diagnosing abscessed tooth, your dentist will use several dental devices. He will tap the abscessed tooth which will cause sharp pain. Also, he will ask you to bite down and see whether the pain increases. Abscessed tooth will also undergo X-rays to examine the erosion of the bone.


Once you are diagnosed with an abscessed tooth, your dentist will provide you some helpful medications such as antibiotics to kill the infection. Antibiotics most likely kill infection and impede it from coming back. These antibiotics alleviate the pain, allowing a fast healing process. When infections are finally nowhere to be found, your opted dentist will locate the root cause of your abscessed tooth. To do this, he will carry out a procedure known as the root canal treatment.


Root canal treatment is the most basic procedure for abscessed tooth. This is used to save the tooth from extraction. The main purpose of this treatment is to remove the tooth decay and the impacted tooth pulp.


There are other cases where the infection is uncontrollable which pushes dentist to extract the tooth. Tooth extraction is the last option used by professional dentists in which a gap or space is created due to missing tooth. Since gaps create dental problems, most dentists followed the tooth extraction procedure by dental implants or bridge. These procedures inhibit the remaining tooth from shifting.


Home-care remedies for dental abscess are also available especially when the infection is not severe. These remedies include warm compress which should be applied to the infected area for at least 30-40 minutes. Basically, this can alleviate the seriousness of the abscess and must be carried out daily. Experts suggest also that one must avoid pressing the infected area for the infection may spread towards the deep tissues. Also, avoid contacting the impacted area with any sharp materials like needles because it can cause severe infection to the blood vessels.


Better yet, it’s advocated to seek your dentist in case the infection brought by abscess is too advanced. This will help save your tooth from tooth extraction which may result to future problems. Remember that the bigger problem you encounter, the larger fortune you tend to squander.


Be reminded that nothing is better than having natural teeth. As much as possible, keep your teeth healthy at all times to avoid any signs of cavities which may result to dental abscess.