Dentist: The Best Dental Buddy


Human oral health is as important as your overall health. This is why you must visit a dentist often. Dentists are the best persons to see and consult with regards to your mouth and entire oral health.

However, dentists work with different specialties. This causes huge confusion especially to first timers.

First timers can learn from the following tidbit below. If you happen to jump from this article, discover the different popular types of dentists and their specialties:

General Dentist is the primary dental care provider. This type of dentist works to diagnose, treat and enhance your oral health. Several of the oral health care services they offer are root canal therapies, dental crown, veneers and dental bridge. General dentist also works with preventive education. This means they have higher knowledge about dental care and good oral hygiene.

Endodontist is a type of dentist that treats your infected dental pulp or nerve. Therefore, they are expert in delivering complex surgical root procedures. Severe root canal infection is also handled by an endodontist. So if you suffer from an infected dental pulp or dental nerve injury, endodontist is the best dental specialist to see.

Orthodontist fights abnormal bite problems or malocclusion. This dental specialist works in diagnosing and assessing your teeth’s health along with its surrounding structures. One of the most in-demand treatments delivered by an orthodontist is dental brace. This straightens your teeth by moving your teeth and bones using wires and brackets.

Pediatric dentists or pediatricians are children’s favorite dental buddy. They should be employed in your early childhood until you reach young adolescence. Pediatricians mostly treat early childhood cavities. Aside from that, they also detect, treat and resolve crowded, crooked and missing teeth problems.

Periodontist is also one popular dentist that specializes in treating diseased soft tissues, bones and other supporting tissues. The most common dental illness they treat is gum disease. Gum disease or periodontal disease is a common infection that causes your gums to bleed and swell. If left ignored, this can cause bone disease that requires deep pocket cleanings and bone grafting.

Expressed above are the several types of dentists in San Jose. These dentists help you secure and enhance your oral health and general health.