Disney and Dental Health

It might be hard to imagine how dental work and Disney would mix. Even in the world of dentistry, a touch of magic is still needed to cater to patients for a more inviting and less scary experience. Dentists who also offer emergency dental help are not only expected to be skilled in the techniques while doing dental work; but to give their patients a dental office experience much like the way one feels when experiencing the services of the happiest place on earth.

Disney offers dental professionals a course at the Disney Institute of Dental Care. This is because they have seen that many industries can pick up a few pointers from the best people who exude quality care and service. Dentists also need to make sure that they give their patients the right approach especially in catering to their different needs.

Here are some featured lessons in the Disney Institute of Dental Care for dentists, dental hygienists, and other dental staff.

Be different. Be better.

This lesson is intended for those dental practitioners that do not settle for mediocrity and strive to deliver superior dental care to patients. As a result, they get rewarded by good staff support and financial returns after amazing results. Dentists are encouraged to be the best dentists in their communities that do a comprehensive and good looking dentistry. This attracts people who want the quality of services that these dentists and their office provide and can depend on and be assured of the results. A good dental office has a team of service-oriented people. It all has something to do with the setting of the patient’s appointment until the actual day of the treatment. The best dental office is said to have a receptionist that warmly welcome the patient’s questions and concerns along with other information. New patients would be called by the dentist themselves and make them comfortable before the actual appointment to make them look forward to their dental treatment. The key to being the best dental care provider would be the treatment of people coming in the office as guests rather than patients.

Know your guests.

Disney is also the first to realize the dreams and desires of guests by knowing their wishes and what actually makes them happy. Dentists are encouraged to know more about their patients and have conversations with them to discover their fears, comforts, and preferences. Learning the stories of people gives you more understanding of what they are going through and how to present the services to them.

The influence of Walt Disney has crossed so many industries and it makes his legacy all the more aspiring. To truly be able to cater to patients, dentists dedicate themselves to learning advanced techniques, skills, and quality of service training. Like Disney, dentists have to use their hearts and imagination to cultivate a work space that would make each person guests: special and truly welcomed. The Disney Institute of Dental Care truly helps dentists realize a more warm and inviting workplace to prevent and treat dental health problems effectively.