Enhance Gum Health Using Gingivectomy

Gum disease is a serious gum infection caused by dental neglect. Those who don’t like to experience inflammation and bleeding of gums should start doing their dental obligations, like daily brushing and flossing and stop practicing bad oral habits. However, everything seems too late to some, especially if they’re already suffering from it.

The great news is you can fight and eradicate this prevalent dilemma now! Meet one of gum disease treatment’s finest therapy gingivectomy.

Gingivectomy is an infamous surgical gum disease treatment. It can reduce periodontal pockets and slow down gum disease’s progression through removing all the infected gum tissues. Since gingivectomy is an oral surgery, you can consult from two different dental experts. Gingivectomy becomes feasible when performed by an oral surgeon or periodontist. Regardless, you can attain the success of this treatment if you work any of these two dental specialists.

Before your periodontist or oral surgeon performs gingivectomy, a scaling and root planing gets done first. The SRP or scaling and root planing treatment procedure are a process wherein your dentist eliminates bacteria and tartar associated with gum disease. This process usually caters bacteria and tartars located below your gums. In the past years, scaling and root planing offer invasive procedures. This is because your dentist utilizes a scalpel in removing gum tissues. All thanks to modern dentistry. Periodontists can remove all these through the use of laser gingivectomy.

Laser gingivectomy features non-invasive treatments. Unlike the traditional way of delivering this treatment, using laser can remove and minimize bleeding of gums. Plus it can improve your healing time process. The running time needed for gingivectomy usually based on your condition. Only your periodontist or oral surgeon can tell how long this lasts. However, studies show this can last for an hour.

When you consider a gingivectomy treatment, there are several things you can expect. Though this comes with an advanced process, you still might experience mild discomforts especially during the first day. You may also encounter bleeding gums. But this is only temporary. To lessen any of these effects, you may consider antibiotics provided by your periodontist and dental care, too. Antibiotics are effective in eliminating infections especially after an oral surgery.

Since gingivectomy comes with innovations, the price maybe expensive compared to traditional. The price rate of this treatment also depends on your condition. If you require larger amount of gum tissues to remove, gingivectomy price may also increase. But fret no more because you can reduce this amount through a dental insurance.

If you suffer from gum disease and reading this, it’s great to know you can overcome it now. Simply contact your emergency dentist in San Jose. He will give you several gum disease treatments, including gingivectomy.