Evolution of Dental Care

21st century peeps are indeed blessed. With technology on their side, they are assured  convenience and ease with  dental care.

Dentistry truly has evolved now. Thanks to the cutting-edge dental technology and hard-working dentists. They find it handy  to provide dental care especially to patients like expectant moms and the elderly.

The long evolution of dentistry and dental care was never easy. Check why.Evolution of Dental Care

Twigs and Soft-Bristled Toothbrushes

In earliest centuries, individuals used twigs to remove food debris and plaques. These are applied in between your teeth and its surfaces. Although the deed is effective in eradicating culprits, individuals find it susceptible to teeth injuries. With this, dental health conscious folks find means to prevent this circumstance. The solution arrived during 17th century. Meet the soft-bristled toothbrushes. These dental devices are made to reduce dental plaques and fight the risks of dental problems, including cavities.

Public Water Systems and Water Fluoridation

Fluoride is known as the number one cavity fighter. This natural mineral started in 1945 where it is placed into the public water systems. Because our emergency dentists in  San Jose proved the fluoride’s effectiveness in fighting tooth decay, they adopted the idea and considered fluoridating the water system. No wonder why water fluoridation is now the commonest ground in promoting cavity-free teeth.

Apparently, too much consumption of fluoride causes fluorosis. This condition is identified thru white patches.

Invasive to Non-Invasive

Aggressive dental treatments are a huge ‘no, no’ to some. After all, we get treatments to get rid of pain. But since some treatments offer pain before relief, dental patients prefer to ignore the problem which doubles the ill situation. Since this problem is escalating worldwide, professionals developed non-invasive treatments to support such need. Through dental technology, experts developed treatments that don’t need incision. One example is the root canal treatment.

Dentistry won’t be as enhanced today without traditionalism. For those who plan to skip dental care and therapies due to inconvenience, think twice. To learn more, confer with your dentist.