Facts to Consider about Dental Bonding

When we talk about beautiful smile, we firmly consider that the teeth ought to be bright, pearly-white and above all, straight. In case your smile earns none of those aforementioned traits then don’t lose hope for there are actually effective ways to achieve such good traits. Among the most effective means to achieve that celebrity smile is the dental bonding. Dental bonding or also known as tooth bonding is a type of cosmetic dental treatment that can repair stained, broken or chipped tooth. This procedure is also the fastest and most sensible one.


Basically, dental bonding procedure uses a tooth-colored resin as well as special light so as to properly affix or “bond” the materials applied towards the tooth. This process may be the simplest one for you however never underestimate its ability to bond the materials on the certain area. This specific process allows men and women to have a beautiful smile while preventing any oral cavities and maintaining a balanced and well-improved smile.


According to research, dental bonding is good in restoring decayed, chipped and broken tooth as well as maintaining a straight and well-built tooth. This process is also done if you want to have that best shape of teeth and close all the spaces between it.


Bonding vs. Dental Crowns and Veneers

Cosmetic dentistry comes with different types including dental bonding, dental crowns and dental veneers. These three dental treatments actually vary in different reasons. Dental bonding is much cheaper and a lot more convenient compared to dental crowns and veneers.


Experts said that dental bonding is very helpful especially for small cosmetic changes only as well as to those temporary corrections of teeth (particularly the front ones) and cosmetic defects.


As what is stated a while ago, dental bonding is also the fastest cosmetic procedure in contrast to dental crowns and veneers. And of course, unlike the latter ones, dental bonding can also be carried out in your office plus, this procedure requires no-regular visits compared to veneers and crowns.


Above all the glorified things expressed about dental bonding, this procedure also has its own end. Dental bonding avoids the existence of food stains and debris inside your mouth. Bonded teeth are also much prone to various conditions like having a chipped or broken tooth. With this, always avoid the things that can chip your tooth such as eating pencils and chewing ice.


The Dental Bonding Procedure

Like what is stated before, dental bonding usually lasts for about 3o-60 minutes. Since dentists are utilizing local anesthesia or sedation dentistry, this procedure is deemed to painless and bearable.


Now, how does a dentist prepares for his dental bonding escapade? Simple, the dentist shall use a guide to select a particular resin so as to match the present color of the teeth. Initially, your mouth becomes rough thus conditioning material is applied.


In addition to the local anesthesia, dentists also use ultraviolet light or also known as laser dentistry. This type of material is responsible for hardening the resin. When the resin hardens, the dentist will now trim and shape the tooth. Last but not the least is the proper polishing of the teeth just like what others do to their natural teeth.


How to Care for Bonded Teeth

Factually, there are no effective shortcuts when taking good care of your teeth. Proper oral hygiene is always the best shot to consider. Oral hygiene includes appropriate brushing for at least twice per day as well as flossing your teeth once a day. Balanced diet is also a key aspect when maintaining a healthy and white tooth plus visiting your dental hygienist on regular basis.


If you need a dental bonding procedure, always call the round-the-clock hotline at 1-866-970-9853. Or check out emergency dental San Jose California.