Food Choices and Dental Problems

Your teeth need minerals and vitamins to develop and keep staying strong and protected. There are plenty of means and practices that help in accumulating these nutrients. Eating healthy foods are great sources of natural sugars, fiber, and vitamins for your teeth and gums. What you eat definitely has a direct effect on your dental health.

Dedicating yourself to dental care products and healthy foods also has certain guidelines. And just like what had to learn in San Jose dental school, there are practices and a common belief that can put your dental health in danger without you knowing it. It involves common foods and treats that are often overlooked.

Ice Chewing. Ice helps freshen up drinks and chill foods. You can see it floating on various drinks especially on sunny days. Some people actually think that chewing ice is okay. Just because ice is made out of water and has no sugar, it doesn’t mean it is okay to chew them. Sadly, biting and grinding ice can potentially damage your teeth. It can cause chipped tooth just like any hard foods. It is best to enjoy the water in its liquid form which can actually wash away food particles left in the mouth.

Frequent Citrus Intake. You encounter acidic foods frequently throughout the day. The exposure to these foods causes the erosion of your tooth’s enamel. This accompanied by the bacterial attacks could lead to tooth decay and gum problems. Eating citrus fruits contribute to tooth erosion more than you think. Simple things like lemon water are corrosive to your tooth. Enjoying lemon water can be problematic to your tooth’s enamel. Be sure to take sips of plain water throughout the day to keep the acid levels down.

Not All Coffee Are Created Equal. Coffee and tea are effective plaque and gum disease prevention drinks in their natural forms. They have polyphenols and antioxidants that keep your teeth and gums protected. They inhibit the bad bacteria’s ability to clump together to form plaque. Unfortunately, some people can’t help but add sugar or cream to these drinks which overpower the good effects. The good news can only be applicable for black coffee lovers.

Sticky Foods. People usually chew on fruits and nuts for a healthier snack. It is true that fruits and nuts are packed with vitamins and minerals but eating dried fruits is a different ball game. Dried fruits are considered healthy because they are fruits but what makes it harmful to your teeth is its sticky consistency. Anything sticky can last long and latch on to your teeth for long periods of time giving bacteria sugar to feed on. You can easily get tooth decay because of these types of foods. You have to make sure that you floss and drink plenty of water to wash away food particles left behind by eating dried fruits.

Sports Drinks. This seemingly harmless drink may surprise you. Sports drinks are the leading cause of tooth erosion in athletes. It may give you that energy boost and replenish electrolytes but its acidity has the same effect as sodas have on teeth.

Always be on the look-out for the best and healthy meals to stop from compromising your dental health and never forget to stick to your dental hygiene.