Health Issues Triggered by Obesity

Supporting Weight Loss thru Exercise

Although foods reduce stress, it doesn’t help much when taken excessively. Not practicing balanced diet clearly triggers different health complications and issues. One of the most rampant results of excessive eating is obesity.

Obesity can happen to anyone of all age. This is a medical condition wherein a person suffers from excess body fat due to lack of exercise and too much eating. You can tell if you have one if your body mass index or BMI is 30 or more. Waist to height ratio or WtHR is also another factor in determining whether you’re healthy or a candidate for obesity. This is through identifying the amount of body fats entering your body.

Although obesity can be helped through proper exercise and healthy lifestyle, it pays to learn how this disorder can influence or trigger other forms of health illnesses. Medical experts proved that these following health complications are linked to obesity.

Heart disease and stroke are the commonest results of obesity. This is due to its connection towards high blood pressure caused by high cholesterol. High cholesterol is said to block your heart from pumping oxygen and blood, causing shortage of breath that might lead to an attack. Fortunately, preventing these two is feasible. Fitness experts attested that most people who undergo proper diet and exercise have lower risk of developing heart disorder and stroke.

Type 2 diabetes’ connection with obesity is pretty evident. Thanks to high blood sugar level. Individuals who failed to exercise, eat healthy and sleep on time most likely become diabetic. Through becoming active physically and balanced diet you can cut down your blood sugar level.

Cancer is also another effect caused by obesity. Health experts identified that those who engage with excessive eating without proper physical exercise experience issues with their pancreas, gallbladder and ovaries. Several cancer types related with obesity are cancer of the breast, colon, esophagus and kidney.

Osteoarthritis happens when your cartilage doesn’t receive enough support from your joints. Most common reason is excess fats. Too much body fat can weaken your joints and cartilage, causing you joint issues that affect your back, knee and hip.

Gout is somewhat similar with osteoarthritis. This joint disorder is often triggered by high levels of uric acid.

Sleep apnea and obesity’s connection is crystal clear. Courtesy of too much cholesterol, individuals won’t just experience excess weight gain but also heavy snoring and breathing. Sleep apnea is a medical condition wherein you suffer from stoppage of breathing and snoring. This doesn’t just happen during at night, but also in day time. People who have this condition need to participate or get this information for the weight loss program.

Although it’s not easy to avoid food and refreshments, everyone should contemplate that anything that’s been taken excessively is no longer healthy. If you want to live a healthy living, discipline yourself from food temptations.