Health Risks of Excess Weight Gain

Why monitoring weight is important

There are many things to consider if you want to be healthy and all. One is to watch your weight and make sure that it corresponds to your age and height. Excess weight gain, however, doesn’t mean being unhealthy. There are people who are born with it. However, once you see yourself experiencing health issues because of your weight, perhaps, you need to schedule in a 24 hour dental emergency visit with your personal health specialists.

A lot of complications affiliated with unwanted weight gain. As a matter of fact, this is one of the contributing factors of having shortness of breath, sleeping problems and even dental-related difficulties. These outcomes are only few of the things you may encounter should you continue doing your bad eating habits and lack of exercise. If not yet convinced, stipulated below are some advanced health problem cases brought on by weight gain.

Diabetes is the increase of blood sugar count of the body. To determine its connection to weight gain is pretty transparent. After all, the way you eat speaks a lot on how you treat your body and health. Statistics show that most people who have diabetes have a problem with their weight. Uncontrolled eating, apparently, can result in different health changes, including your weight and becoming diabetic. This explains why diabetics are suggested with fasting and balanced diet. They are encouraged to execute proper exercise and must consume only healthful foods, like veggies and fruits.

Gum disease is another dental problem that is believed by most dentists as somewhat connected to weight gain. In fact, even diabetes has something to do with it. When you eat unhealthy foods in a very most unlikeable circumstances and period, obviously, you will gain weight and dental problems. It is unhealthy that your teeth are exposed in bacteria, dental plaques and in an acidic environment. Aside from attacking your teeth, this can paralyze your oral health.

High cholesterol does also influence your weight. Although meat contains protein and other minerals for muscle development, it pays to consume it in moderation. However, there are also studies proving that meat can actually help you reduce weight. Most especially if you paired it with other low calorie foods, like egg.

Too much carbs and sugars also are feasible when talking about weight gain. This is why those who desire losing their weight should tone down their rice, bread and pasta intake. They may choose low carb diet and exercise water consumption instead of drinking too much carbonated drinks and soda.

Although it is not fair not to eat the foods you like, you are also not being unfair to your body if you do not practice a healthy lifestyle. Reducing weight gain indeed is challenging. But with proper diet and exercise, surely, you can achieve it with ease.