Licorice for Sores and Dental Problem Management

Root Benefits of Licorice Root

The mouth definitely reflects our current health status as most of the systematic disease symptoms show up in our mouth. And as time passed, more and more people turn to the natural ways of treating health problems despite the technological advancements. The advancements made progress in researching plant-based treatment. One plant that researchers find beneficial to our oral health is the licorice root.

The popular and all-time favorite candy might come to mind when you read the title. The licorice root is actually used in Chinese medicine. It treats digestive problems to respiratory problems. It is usually found in some parts of Asia and is native in the Mediterranean region of Europe. This might come as a surprise but the actual red candy doesn’t have any licorice root ingredient at all. The licorice component of these candies was replaced with anise oil. Producers thought that the anise oil had the same flavor, so they replaced the licorice root because of the lack of research and studies at the time. The candy only has sugars and is mere energy giving treats. It is used mainly as a flavoring for other confectionary products and drinks. The licorice root is integrated into root beers as flavoring though.

Antimicrobial Property. Licorice root influences bacterial growth in your mouth. This specifically targets the bacteria that cause cavities and tooth decay. This disrupts the unwanted formation of dental plaques that destroys the enamel of your teeth. It also kills the type of bacteria that cause periodontal diseases. The licoricidin and licorisoflavan are effective in treating and preventing oral health problems like sores and gum diseases. They are also responsible for healing oral cancers and inflammation. This is due to its ability to heal oral tissues faster.
Although the licorice root has a long list of dental benefits, it’s not advisable to take supplements with licorice to treat your dental problems. There are risks along with the benefits it offers. Licorice can raise your blood pressure and mess with the nerve functions and deplete the magnesium and phosphorus in your body. This can affect children, pregnant women and people with hypertension. The lack of phosphorus can affect calcium absorption in your bones and teeth.

Before trying any supplements, consult your local dentists if it will actually address your needs. They will also be able to give you options and lead you to better decisions. You can take advantage of the licorice root antibacterial effects but always ask for professional help to be on the safe side. This will also prevent any current illnesses from worsening and preventing heart and blood pressure irregularities. You can still use licorice products like licorice flavored toothpaste for your teeth and gums if you’re not suffering from other medical condition. These bad effects are often due to a large amount of consumption of licorice and not from small portions.

Further studies are done to harness the antibacterial effects of licorice root. Always remember to stick to your dental hygiene regimen and dental visits to make sure you won’t have gum diseases and tooth decay.