Meatless Monday Suggestions and Benefits

Bad Meat, Bad Teeth

Meatless Mondays is a great weekly habit that introduces the vegetarian side of health and nutrition to meat lovers. It’s a whole day in every week you get to enjoy the benefits of consuming fresh fruits and vegetables.

The health benefits of meatless Monday extend from all your internal organs to your skin and especially your teeth. The dental health of vegetarians is sometimes questioned because they take out milk and other dairy products from their diet. As popular belief goes, milk and dairy products give you calcium and other minerals that are needed for the development and growth of your bones and teeth. It is said that this makes the vegetarian’s diet fail their teeth and bones. But this is totally far from the truth. Various vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, and seeds are excellent sources of calcium and nutrients that your body and dental health needs. Your daily calcium needs can be provided by a balanced vegan diet without the milk and dairy. Calcium is the mineral that makes up most of your bones and teeth which make it a big concern for many people to switch to vegan diets. Now that we’ve addressed the elephant in the room, we can proceed to more important effects of the vegan diet.

Meatless Diet for Healthy Teeth

Minerals and Nutrients. Like other minerals, calcium needs other fat-soluble vitamins for the body to absorb it. You will need vitamins A, K, and D along with phosphorus and magnesium to make sure your body absorbs the calcium from the foods you eat and drink. When you take out meat from your diet every Monday, you can increase your chances of eating veggies and fruits that you don’t usually do. You can boost this regime, too, if you include on the menu the wide selection of plant-based foods.

Prevent Tooth Decay. When you exercise a diet recommended by emergency dentist San Jose CA that includes healthful foods, you can prevent or inhibit bacterial growth in your mouth. This will lessen the chances of getting gum diseases and tooth decay. The fiber in vegetables and fruits also massage your gums that boost blood flow and tissue formation.

Save Money. Processed meat and meals cost so much, unlike fresh produce. Think of all the money you can save if you regularly keep one day solely focusing on plant-based and healthy foods.

Prevent Obesity. The leading problem in our society is obesity and the various illnesses that come along with it. By eating greens and having a high fiber diet, you can manage your weight perfectly.

This one day of eating fruits and vegetables can leave an acidic effect on your teeth. This is why water plays a crucial part in this type of diet. Take extra care of your teeth and oral health by choosing less acidic citrus fruits and take time before brushing. Your tooth enamel doesn’t have to suffer from erosion and you don’t have to avoid certain favorites. Dipping fruits from chocolate can only are great for you if you use the dark variety and not the commercial ones that you see in stores. You just have to prepare balanced meals and wash them down with water. Have a happy meatless Monday.