Nutritious Chewable Foods for Teeth


People nowadays rely on processed foods so much that it comprises most of their daily diets. You can’t blame them though. Some people just don’t have the time to prepare. It would be easier to buy on the go foods and snacks along with beverages. While it’s convenient for you, it isn’t – at least for your oral health, said and proved by a  free dentist in San Jose.

It is not a secret that people grew a habit of snacking in between meals. We tend to choose processed foods since it is common and convenient. We usually snack on sweet sugary treats and carbohydrate-packed foods.  Choosing candies, cakes and cookies definitely fill that sweet tooth with so much joy. You can bet that all good things in excess are a bad thing. You may have satisfied your craving for gooey sticky and crunchy munchies but in the process, your teeth are put in danger. It’s hard to face the truth but our snacking habit just isn’t helping when it comes to our oral health.

The longer you suck on a sucker, the more damage it does to your teeth. The stickier the snack, the more it clings to your teeth and gums. Think about having them on a regular basis. You are contributing to your own dental health’s demise. The bad bacteria in your mouth would be very happy you chew on that candy. Stop the cavity-causing bacteria by choosing better snacks to chew on.


You always rush to the store for a quick snack or two and the next time you do, choose the more teeth friendly option.

Kiwis. Most fruits contain Vitamin C that you need for a boost in your immune system. Eating more fruits rich in Vitamin C helps you have stronger gums. The tissues in your gums support and protect your teeth. This will make it hard for the bad bacteria to penetrate your gums and cause gum diseases or periodontal diseases. The best fruit to chew on with the highest amount of Vitamin C to boost your gums would be kiwis.

Cashews. These nuts are rich in bacteria-fighting chemicals. The cashew nut shell oil fights the bacteria that are present in your mouth that causes tooth decay. Nuts are not only good for your teeth but you can also enjoy its taste and the crunch it gives that you look for in a snack. Chewing cashews also help you produce more saliva that helps in keeping your mouth have the right alkalinity.

Almonds. These bad boys are packed with a lot of healthy fats, fiber, magnesium, Vitamin E, and Calcium; snacking on almonds benefit your teeth, your skin, nerves, and stomach. Calcium in almonds is great for your teeth to be strong.

Oranges. Most fruits are naturally acidic that can soften the enamel of your teeth but oranges are one of the least acidic ones. Be sure to grab one for a dose of Vitamin C and other benefits it has.

The next time you snack, go for naturally sweet and tasty ones that not only satisfy the sweet tooth but help you keep your pearly whites too. There are nutritious carbohydrate food items for your oral health.