Perks of GALILEOS 3-D Imaging System


In terms of identifying a dental problem, dental x-rays can be of help. Most especially now that dental x-rays have gone to a whole new level. Thanks to dedicated dental professionals today.

One fruit of their labor is the GALILEOS 3D Imaging System. The GALILEOS 3D Imaging System is an advanced dental technology which delivers high quality images. It allows dentists to rotate and maximize the photo of your teeth without affecting its quality plus it provides the lowest radiation to dental patients.

As expressed earlier, the GALILEOS 3D imaging system comes with top quality pictures. The images are expected to be more accurate, precise and natural-looking on screen! Unlike the 2D dental x-ray, your dentist can view, assess and measure your teeth using this 3D device. Most especially in gauging your bone density which is really helpful when you plan for dental implant procedures.

This imaging system also ensures positive results. It can be used for non-surgical or surgical process, like dental implants. Dental implants require your dentist to assess your bone density. With the help of this device, your dentist can perceive your jaw’s density, quality and thickness. Although this might take time, but with the GALILEOS 3D imaging system, everything runs smoothly! The system sees if you’re a good candidate for dental implants, too. If you have healthy bones, your dental implant procedure will succeed. Through the use of the 3D scans, your dentist can find out if your jawbone is fit for dental implants. The machine can identify your bone structure and the size of your dental implant as well. With these following details, chances of getting a successful treatment are high! Dental implants are more natural and comfy when applied with GALILEOS 3D imaging system.

Another benefit you can experience from this imaging system is its capacity to diagnose a problem. As outlined by research, the 3D imaging system offers quick diagnosis which is precise and accurate. Unlike the traditional dental x-rays, it has limited scope of information. Thus, only this system can give in-depth photos of your mouth, teeth and jaw. The information given by this dental technology allows you to determine some dental problems. Based on analysis, quick diagnosis of cavities, sinus, sleep apnea and abnormal growths are among the several things the system can do.

Now, how exactly GALILEOS 3D imaging system works?

The GALILEOS 3D imaging system is made in favor to dental patients and dentists’ comfort! Basically, the process involves standing still for seconds while the device starts to travel on your head to capture hundreds of images. Once these images are delivered, the unit reconstructs the data and produces 3D images of your teeth and jaw!

If you want to learn more about this imaging system, you can visit your dentist. Your dentist will help you understand how important it is in improving your oral health. Besides spotting dental problems, this can prevent any potential risks of tooth loss.

To make use of the GALILEOS 3D imaging system, dentists should undergo special training. These involve workshops and proper guidelines on how to operate it.

Regardless of the GALILEOS 3D imaging system’s unimaginable perks, you must not forget about dental care and good oral hygiene. These preventive methods have no side effects, unlike other treatments and devices. Dental care is the cheapest way of boosting and bettering your dental health. In fact, this preventive technique helps you enhance your general health and entire body. Simply brush, floss your teeth daily and see your dentist frequently.

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