Preferred Ice Cream Choice for Dental Health

Ice Cream for Teeth

Ice cream can be considered the king of all desserts. It is an all-time favorite of kids and adults. Ice cream is one of the things you sure will enjoy until old age.

The only concern of dentists about this classic dessert is the fat content and the added sugar it has that can harm your teeth. Most of the commercial ice creams in the market are loaded with sugar and are high in fat content. It’s no secret that sugary foods are big contributors to tooth decay and gum problems which makes ice cream part of the list of harmful dessertsTooth Fairy for Teeth for your teeth. The cold treat also causes tooth sensitivity in some people. Tooth sensitivity is caused by many factors but the sudden pain it causes can lead to discomfort or pain. This pain is attributed to the exposure of dentin to the cold or hot foods which in this case is the ice cream. Dentin is the soft layer full of nerves and fluid beneath the hard covering of the tooth called enamel.

The good news is that ice cream or icy treats don’t have to be loaded with sugar and fats to be tasty. Ice cream is also rich in calcium due to its dairy component that makes it healthy for your teeth and bones. Calcium is the main mineral that makes up your teeth and bones. The best ice cream treat should be less in sugar and fats but high in calcium and other vitamins. All you have to do is make yourself one and make your own twist to commercial ice cream.

Here are a few suggestions by dentist in San Jose about healthier ice cream that won’t harm your teeth.

Sherbet. You can whip up your own sorbet formula and add on your favorite fruits. Take it eapreferred-ice-cream-choice-for-dental-health2sy on the apples though because acidic fruits can also wear away your enamel. Frozen fruits like strawberries are great which are loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants which are great for boosting your immune system.

Frozen Yogurt. Yogurts are loaded with calcium and probiotics that are great for developing kids. They are less in sugar and are easy to mix with different flavors. This makes it easier to boost your kid’s dental health.

Banana Split. This is a tribute to the well-known banana split. This dessert features some scoops of ice cream with a resting sliced banana and sprinkles on top. This version is more of a popsicle. You can dip frozen bananas in dark chocolate to coat it. The use of dark chocolate makes all the difference because of its low sugar content. It also melts faster in the mouth which means it won’t last in your mouth for too long.

You don’t have to forget ice cream to protect your dental health. There are plenty of healthier choices to make ice cream teeth friendly. Pick the right and fresh plant-based ingredients and say goodbye to commercially manufactured ones for better and brighter teeth.