Primary Facts of Primary Teeth

As our body go through some changes, our teeth do too. These changes start right before we are born. Baby teeth development is the proof to that.Primary Facts of Primary Teeth

Baby teeth development is part of child’s development. Primary teeth or baby teeth are your first set of teeth which normally erupt and naturally lose once the permanent teeth come out. Dental professionals proved that these teeth remained buried until the kid reaches six months of age.

Baby teeth play major role to every infant. And just like how an adult secures his permanent teeth, baby teeth should be taken extra care, too.

When a baby experiences his first tooth, he suffers the painful teething process. Although teething process differ to every child, this usually erupts first at the lower jaw. The central incisors erupt once the baby reaches six months. After a month, the lateral incisor comes next. And as your child celebrates his first birthday, expect the first molars to erupt which are followed by pointy cuspids or the canines and second molars. Primary teeth development concludes when your kid is around two years old. All in all, your toddler obtains 20 teeth, 10 teeth in each jaw.

Primary teeth are lovable to keep but they are meant to lose over time. The reason is to prepare your kid for the permanent teeth. But just because these are meant to lose, this doesn’t mean you’ll ignore the necessary care tips for baby teeth. Recent studies show that primary teeth are essential for proper development of speech to kids. These are also vital in supporting kids for proper chewing of foods. With this, majority of ER dentists reminded parents to always see a pediatric dentist to secure the baby teeth. Of course, don’t forget dental care.

Dental care starts at childhood. However, unlike the usual methods done, parents are advised to use a wet washcloth to wipe their kid’s baby gums. This removes the food debris and sugar traces. Soft toothbrush, fluoride-rich toothpaste and lukewarm water should only be used once the baby’s first set of teeth appear. This is to prevent baby bottle tooth decay.

As the kid reaches one, parents should start taking him to a dentist. Regular consultations with a pediatrician should take place twice per year. Pediatric dentist’s primary job is to check signs of dental diseases, like cavities. Pediatricians will also educate the parents and the kid about dental care. This involves proper brushing and flossing of teeth.

All individuals should remember that dental care isn’t only for kids. Even seniors and adults are advised to this method, too. Therefore, always consider regular brushing and flossing at all times. This deed can eliminate dental plaques and other potential risks that can cause dental problems. To finish the equation, you can call out 24 hours dental emergency offices.

Parents must learn that primary teeth are as important as the permanent teeth. Therefore, start sticking with dental care and see a dentist today.