Promote Teeth Whiteness thru Prophylaxis

Dental cleaning seems to be a mainstream now. Others find it necessary for the sake of their teeth and entire oral health. We all know this method promotes healthy teeth and beautiful smile despite its cost.

Apparently, not all of us know about this procedure. Not all people are aware of its healthy effects to your teeth and its function on removing deposits and preventing dental difficulties, such as cavities and gum disease. As a result, many of us today have problems with teeth and oral health.


Based on analysis, dental cleaning is the simplest procedure of removing the potential risks of dental problems. Besides brushing and flossing, the method marks the most cost-effective solution against dental plaques, food debris and oral symptoms that cause severe dental damages. While we call this dental cleaning, professional dentists refer this as prophylaxis. Prophylaxis belongs to professional care which you need to do twice annually. The term prophylaxis means preventive measure. It is part of your regular checkups. Consequently, it protects your teeth from dental tartar and helps monitor your teeth despite your daily routines involving brushing and dental flossing.

As outlined by research, prophylaxis comes with several processes. The first procedure involves an x-ray in which your dental hygienist or dentist will look through your entire oral health to find warning signs of dental problems. Once he detects a tooth decay after the oral examination, your dentist will remove the deposits using scaling and root planing. An ultrasonic dental cleaning may also be necessary should your cavities are severe and difficult to remove even after you brush or floss your teeth.

Prophylaxis doesn’t just promote gleaming smile. It helps you maintain healthy oral health and also prevent gum disease threats! Since dental cleaning process uses special tools, you can fight all mouth deposits that can cause a myriad of dental problems, like cavities and gum disease.

First timers also find prophylaxis as tool for enhancing dental awareness. Since your dentist or dental hygienist will discuss vital details of this treatment, you will learn a lot! Furthermore, dental cleaning improves your teeth’s aesthetic. Through the use of several tools and devices, your teeth will encounter drastic transformation! There are also who consider this treatment for health purposes. Since prophylaxis requires a thorough oral examination, you can ensure your teeth aren’t just prone to cavities, but to severe dental problems, too, like mouth cancer. We are all aware about mouth’s connection to your body. Once you’re put up with oral cancer, your overall health is in grave danger.

Prophylaxis truly is a blessing to us. However, avoid using this as your substitution to good oral hygiene practices. Still, don’t forget to practice at-home care. Especially kids, do bear in mind the great importance of daily brushing and flossing of teeth.

To learn more about prophylaxis, find a dentist in San Jose California. Your dentist will give you detailed information about the ways of improving oral health, like engaging with prophylaxis.