Several Factors that Highly Cause TMJ

Ever wonder why when you open and close your mouth you hear a sound? It may seem normal as days pass but this predicament is considered as a complex dental problem. A lot of individuals are already getting used to this. But when this popping sound comes with frequent headaches and muscle pain, it’s time to consult a dental expert. To get relieved from TMJ syndrome, call an emergency dentist in San Jose CA today.

Several Factors that Highly Cause TMJ

Dental professionals considered this popping sound as TMJ disorder. This condition is one of the most prevalent issues experienced by men and women across the globe. Over 10 million Americans are reported to suffer from this condition.

TMJ or popularly known as Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome is an intricate issue that affects your lower jaw down to your skull. The joints affected are referred to as the joint socket and muscles which are often used for chewing and speaking. TMJ happens for several causes and reasons. One common cause is trauma, like accident. Teeth grinding and clenching are also two common reasons of getting this syndrome.

Studies show, women are twice prone to TMJ disorder compared to men. Almost 90 percent of TMJ sufferers are women. Why? Learn the several factors that cause TMJ disorder.

Stress is common with women. The strain associated with this can lead to teeth grinding which can highly contribute to TMJ syndrome. Arthritis and other medical conditions can also be factors that cause TMJ. Since arthritis is common in women, it makes sense why most TMJ sufferers are women. The joint structure also contributes TMJ disorder. Women have greater dislocated disks compared to men. These structures alone are said to induce TMJ.

Women who are taking oral contraceptives are prone to jaw pain which can cause TMJ. The same thing also happens to females who undergo hormone replacement therapy. Last factor is vitamin deficiency caused by menstruation. This greatly explains why majority of TMJ patients are women.

Although women are much prone to TMJ syndrome, it’s wise to learn how to prevent it. Remember that this condition can cause lockjaws, ringing of ears, muscle spasms and other serious difficulties.

For severe TMJ cases, it pays to get a professional consultation. This will help you alleviate the hitch and learn the different home therapies for fasten relief.