Significance of an ER Dentist

In case you are suffering from toothache, damaged tooth or any dental emergencies then you need the assistance of an ER Dentist. An ER Dentist is a dental practitioner that works 24 hours a day including weekends and holiday seasons. They are always ready and can professionally cater any types of dental emergencies instantly. ER Emergency Dentist San Jose Dentists are just like any medical practitioners, they provide you helpful methods in order to address your concern. There are actually different kinds of dental issues that can be properly handled by an ER Dentist such as:

1.      Toothaches – this kind of condition normally exist due to plaques and food debris stuck in the teeth. During emergencies, an ER Dentist mostly offers the patient some pain relievers. Toothaches can also be treated through tooth extraction, filing and root canal treatment.


2.      Chipped or fractured teeth – this condition refers to the deterioration of the teeth. If you seek your dentist right away, you may possibly save your other teeth. Chipped tooth can also lead the gums to bleed. If this happens, try applying a cold compress and directly attached it to the cheek area.


3.      Abscess – is a condition that exists around the tooth’s root or in the space between the person’s teeth and gums. Abscess is a severe condition that requires an immediate aid of an ER dentist. It can damage the tissues around the teeth and may possibly affect the other parts of the body.


4.      Lost filling – can be treated through a piece of sugarless gum. Simply apply it on the affected area. In case your own dentist is away, you can apply dental cement. However, keep in mind that these treatments are for temporary use only thus seeking your ER dentist is must.


5.      Lost cap or crown – this type of problem truly requires an abrupt solution. Therefore, contact your ER dentist as soon as possible and bring the fall-off crown with you.

You can also treat this condition through a clove oil; apply the oil directly to the affected area. If the tooth still gives you pain, see your dentist straight away.


6.      Dry socket – or also known as alveolar osteitis is the condition wherein the alveolar bone swells. This occurs due to blood clots that fail to form or if it is lost in the socket. Basically, dry socket can be address by removing the food debris using local anesthetic. This procedure can be professionally done by an ER dentist. For early symptoms of this condition, contact an ER dentist right away.

Aside from addressing the previously mentioned issues, an ER dentist can also help aid broken dentures and braces. However, there’s a huge possibility that an ER dentist might not fix a broken denture easily most especially if the patient itself can’t find the missing pieces of the denture.

An emergency dentist in San Jose is always available 24/7 to cater your different oral needs. So for any dental emergencies that you want to address, feel free to contact them within your locality. Just make sure that your chosen ER dentist can be trusted.