Sugary Drinks: A Big No-No!

When talking about proper consumption, it means being responsible from what you eat and drink. It’s because just like sugar, when consumed excessively, this could result in different sugar-related health dilemmas. And that’s the last thing on your list.

Apparently, not all of us are aware and well-educated in terms of sugar and its detrimental effects. As long as it’s sweet, it doesn’t matter. But that’s not how it should be if you wish to maintain your well-being in perfect shape. Thankfully, healthcare professionals continue to educate their patients and consumers about the appropriate consumption of sugary food and drinks, especially soft drinks. For individuals who have yet to hear their physicians about it, here are some quick informative posts; this is related to as to why sugary drinks are a huge no-no to your health!

How Soft drinks impact you

Sugary drinks promote excess weight gain. This is the most basic fact about sugar-rich drinks. Individuals who spend most of their time drinking sodas develop unwanted gain. Courtesy of sucrose and table sugar content, soft drinks made it to the top list as the most added sugar product today. Soft drinks have high levels of calories. This can promote weight gain which may lead to obesity. No surprise there why most soft drinks lovers are obese. Of course, not to mention, the belly fat accumulation; which will not work well if you have an on-going diet.

Sugar-rich drinks produce fats in liver. This is where things get serious when you allow sugary drinks much in your system – it affects your internal organs, like liver. Since soft drinks are rich in glucose and fructose, people who drink it more than usual acquire excessive amounts of these molecules. While some gets kicked out to blood triglycerides, the other stays in the liver. The larger amount of fructose stays, the more you develop liver-related diseases.

Sugary drinks are contributing factors of type 2 diabetes. We are all aware that diabetes is the abnormal increase of sugar level. Its connection to sugar-rich beverages is self-explanatory. Diabetics are insulin resistance because of excessive fructose found in carbonated drinks. This was proved by emergency dental clinic San Jose CA after discovering that most individuals with high levels of sugar are into soft drinks.

Sugary drink jeopardizes heart health. One of the triggering factors of heart attack is high blood sugar. Health experts backed this up after observing that majority of individuals with poor heart health are obsessed with sugar-rich drinks.

And because sugary drinks produce the highest sugar level, it’s not anymore surprising why it doesn’t work well with your oral health. Sugar is not a good contributor to your teeth. Thanks to bad bacteria along with other unhealthy microorganisms that produce acid and cause dental-related problems, like tooth decay and enamel erosion.

Though you can’t just abandoned carbonated drinks, it’s imperative that you are cautious on what you consume. Observe a balanced diet and always visit your physician to control the amount of sugar in the body.