Survival Guide for Your Teeth this Holiday

December is finally upon us and Christmas is just days away. Parties and gatherings abound as afternoon drinks and snacks start to become a routine for most of people. These social gatherings and surprise visits from family and friends bring about that familiar festive mood and warm fuzzy feeling. These moments and activities make the holidays all the more special. Unfortunately, the abundance of food and treats can make you bound for the dental office a lot sooner. You have to be more careful and aware of the foods you eat.

To help your teeth survive the holidays, here are some tips in avoiding cavities and maintaining the health of your teeth during and after the holiday season.

Timing is Key. The formation or development of cavities and dental plaque occurs and is dependent on the length of time that sugars stay on your mouth. You can get caught up in visiting family and friends from house to house up to Christmas day. It is important that you keep your toothbrush handy while celebrating from one house to another. Like mentioned earlier, bacteria can form as you eat sugary and sweet foods for long periods of time. Your teeth are at a high risk of acid attacks that can make your tooth’s enamel thin and can lead to tooth decay. Try to squeeze in at least two minutes of brushing in between meals or drinks. The longer you keep sweet treats in your mouth, the longer the bacteria can feast on them and give off the acidic by product.

Gift to Yourself. It might be the season for giving gifts and getting shiny new presents but it is also high time that you treat your teeth with something special too. Your tooth brush should be replaced every three months and it would be a good idea to buy yourself a new one this Christmas. This present can benefit your teeth and gums. This is the best and essential tool in surviving the holidays and even after the season has passed.

Floss. One of the most commonly asked question on dental visits is your flossing habit. Regular flossing is important in keeping your teeth and gums healthy which is usually forgotten when the Christmas season comes. Flossing is important especially after eating those sugary meals. It might be treated with complete disregard during the holidays but all those guilty pleasures would soon become plaque in between your teeth. Floss for your teeth’s sake, for those areas that your brush can’t reach.

Drink Plenty of Water. You really don’t need any occasion or season to drink plenty of water. It is important in hydrating your body. It can replenish lost water when you had one too many drinks and flush away sugars and other chemicals from the foods and drinks you indulge in this holiday.

Survive the holidays with these more accommodating hints to help keep those pearly whites stay white. Your teeth will thank you later.