The Best Candies for Dental Health

Candies are renowned as the most popular killers of dental health. It is the number one source of sugar that can produce plaques and generate countless dental problems. However, when taken in moderation, these might give dental health benefits. Inevitable dental issues, nevertheless, are best resolved by emergency dental services.

Just like alcohol beverages, excessive eating of candies can negatively impact the oral health. Tooth decay and gum disease are two common results of it. But, according to recent studies, these delights can actually boost your oral health. Primary reason is not all candies are made equally. While some can destroy enamel, few candies are made to enhance your dental health. These types of candies have lesser amount of sweets and acids.

The Best Candies for Dental Health

Candies come with several types and amongst these types come lollipops. Lollipops are most kids’ favorite treat. It comes with a stick with a circular shape on top that is available in different colors. Evidently, lollipops are becoming popular for years. Although it carries countless discrepancies, researchers found that it features amazing dental health benefits! Most people consider that lollipops are created from sugar. However, lollipop industries made it possible to develop lollipops through licorice root. These lollipops contain no sugar and can reduce tooth decay.

Similar with lollipops, dates become also part of every individual’s diets especially for the purpose of enhancing their dental health. Dates are popularly turned into wine. The fruit is produced by a date palm tree and is used by most chefs as their delicacies. It is usually wrapped with bacon and is often seen on dairy foods, like cream cheese. Studies show, natural state of dates can boost tooth enamel. In fact, it can even prevent dental plaque build-up. Dates are rich in fiber, minerals, amino acids and fluorine.

Next to dates and lollipops are sugar-free gums. Sugar-free gums are made from CaviStat and xylitol. These compounds increase saliva production which is used for cleansing the teeth. CaviStat reduces cavities while xylitol fights tooth decay and oral bacteria. Dental professionals proved that sugar-free gums, when taken 20 minutes, can boost oral health.

Candies are not that bad if you choose those with no sugar. Of course, don’t forget to pair it with regular dental hygiene and a dental visit.