The Right Greens for Your Dental Health

Healthy Green Veggies Boosts Oral Health

People don’t eat enough greens and when they think they do, they avoid the ones that are actually packed with all the nutrients and vitamins our body needs. The organic salad with lettuce you ate might not have enough nutrients that you hoped for. The true importance of green leafy vegetables goes beyond the maintenance and development of different organs in the body. It has a significant effect on our dental health that would make you think twice about pushing these veggies away from your plate.

It is advised to eat a variety of vegetables because the nutrients and minerals go hand in hand. Some vitamins need certain minerals so that the body would be able to absorb it. For example, calcium absorption will be impaired without the Vitamin D’s presence. No matter how much you drink milk and other dairy products rich in calcium, your bones will not benefit from it. Green leafy vegetables are rich in alkaline minerals that fruits can’t provide as much. Calcium and magnesium are found in fewer quantities on fruits.

The following are the list of greens your dental health will surely need.

Green Leafy Veggies for Teeth

Broccoli. This veggie is rich in vitamin C and phosphorus that is needed for calcium absorption of your bones. It is a key mineral in making a balance of alkaline minerals like magnesium and calcium. It is stored mostly in your teeth together with calcium. Your teeth and bones need these minerals to be strong and avoid gum diseases and tooth decay.

Spinach. This is one of the best veggies to eat raw if you’re looking out for your teeth. Choose the baby spinach to make your eating experience more enjoyable. They are rich in calcium, vitamin C, vitamin K, and fiber. This is best for getting rid of plaque and avoiding gum disease. As you know, calcium makes your bones stronger and your tooth enamel more resistant to bacterial attacks and erosion. This is perfect to boost your immune system.

Cabbage. Cabbages may be expensive but it possesses large amounts of calcium and other alkaline minerals.

Celery.  Is very tasty and easy to chew raw. It is rich in calcium, sodium, and fiber. You can bet it is great at cleaning your teeth especially in brushing away food particles stuck in between teeth that can cause tooth decay.

Kale. Kale might be tough to chew but its calcium content is off the charts. It is rich in fiber which makes it tough and is not very advisable if you’re a salad person. The more you chew it through the more saliva you produce that benefits your oral health. This balances the acidity in the mouth that prevents bacterial growth.

It is important you chew green leafy vegetables properly. This chewing process in your mouth extracts the vitamins and minerals better.

Green leafy vegetables can offer a wide variety of vitamins and minerals that can help prevent or heal dental problems. Moreover, this reduces your chance from experiencing 24 hours dental emergency. Be sure to add them to your diet for better oral health.