The Teeth Anatomy

Teeth Health & You

How we are able to speak, breathe and eat efficiently – we can all owe it to our mouth. After all, human mouth is composed of hard-working players that allow us to get through our daily routines, such as eating and conversing. Of course, we also do our fair share of the bargain. That is to maintain the excellent welfare of the oral health through dental care.

Dental care is what fuels the oral health particularly our teeth.  Teeth are considered to be the finest and strongest part of the mouth and are the one responsible proper eating and speaking. Our teeth come with different types and are composed of different components. All these channels work altogether just so you can keep up with your day-to-day responsibilities. Most especially after finding out that our teeth and oral health highly influence our overall health. Below are statements of what makes the teeth strong and distinctive from other areas of the mouth.

Enamel is the commonest component of the human teeth. Dental professionals of 24 hour dental clinics considered this as the hardest part of the teeth; the reason why they are situated at the outer area of the tooth. The enamel of the tooth has the most mineralized tissue. Once damaged by tooth decay and other dental problems, it is difficult to restore.

Dentin is what lies under the tooth enamel. Similar with enamel, they can be exposed towards dental caries or tooth decay if not properly taken care of. When enamel is attacked by decay, dentin is the next area to be targeted with. Expecting a chronic pain due to root decay is possible considering the tiny tubes found inside the dentin is directly connected to the tooth pulp.

Dental pulp is one of the softest tissues in the body. It is usually found in the center area of the teeth – basically, where the dental nerve and blood vessels are resting. With your dentin and dental pulp affected by tooth decay, you will require root canal procedure. Root canal procedure is about removing infected or decayed tissues and parts. The primary reason of getting this is to ensure you save the natural tooth. Root canal is the perfect alternative against tooth extraction. Tooth extraction is the full removal of your natural tooth.

All the things above are adequate enough to take your teeth’s health seriously. You can start through learning its different names and types and functions. Here’s the quick overview of them.

Incisors appear to be sharp and in chisel shape or form. You can find them in front particularly the first four ones at the upper and lower part of the jaw. Incisors main job is to cut and break down food.

Canines or otherwise known as cuspids are pointy teeth and are specifically used for grasping and breaking down food.

Premolars are of like cuspids used for crushing food, of course. Two kinds of them are pointy and are situated at the biting surface.

Molars are popular type of teeth used to grind and chew food. It helps the rest of the teeth in breaking and tearing down all sorts of food for digestion purposes.