The Three Shades of Tongue

There are lots of ways to predict a dental problem. In fact, most oral symptoms detected are also discovered to cause havoc to your overall health. This is the primary cause why we should monitor our oral health. And by means of monitoring and evaluating your oral health, this involves assessing your teeth, gums and tongue.The Three Shades of Tongue

Human tongue is composed by a group of muscles. Estimates suggest that this mirrors 8,000 taste buds – all used to distinguish flavors. But did you know that your tongue can also indicate a possible dental issue?

As outlined by research, assessing your dental health can be done by perceiving your tongue’s shades. Here are the few explanations what your tongue color tells you.

Yellow is a very popular shade. This somehow mirrors happiness and optimism. However, having a yellow tongue might mean something wrong. Local dentists proved a person with yellow tongue is susceptible to oral infection. This indicates a sign of bacterial infection. Yellow tongue implies that your acid levels are off balance which in turn can result to gastric acid reflux syndrome, a condition that can cause tooth and enamel erosion.

Red, just like yellow, is also a well-liked color that shouts power. This can easily draw attention which is why it is one of the most known colors loved by women. Apparently, carrying a red tongue seems off and obviously unhealthy. Dental professionals stated that a person with red tongue means vitamin deficiency. This can be lack of vitamin B3 or iron which can cause anemia.

White means purity, innocence and virtue. However, carrying a white tongue could mean otherwise. White tongue means yeast infection. This can be identified by a coat of pasty white. Yeast infection can contribute to a myriad of dental illnesses, including oral thrush and periodontal disease.

Regardless of tongue color, dental visit is advised. This will help you learn how to maintain your tongue and your oral health wholesome.