Truths about Emergency Wisdom Teeth Removal

Based on research, our teeth contain the strongest substance in a human body that is why it is deemed by many as our strongest body part. However, this doesn’t imply that our teeth’s wellness should be neglected. Needless to say, just like the other parts of our body, our teeth should be properly maintained in order for them to avert any kinds of dental issues. Factually, one of the major reasons why individuals seek dental care services at is due to wisdom teeth removal or popularly known as wisdom teeth extraction.

Emergency wisdom teeth removal is the instant extraction of the patient’s wisdom tooth. Most emergency dentists opt for surgical procedure in order to address this kind of condition. Basically, the procedure conducted by the dentist can be done in his office. In case the dentist sees some infections to the affected area then the surgical procedure won’t take place. To immediately heal the infections, there are antibiotics given from the dentist and other dental care products. This will help ease the pain as well as curing the complications brought by the condition. While the dentist removes the wisdom tooth, he will first apply a piece of local anesthetic so as to numb the affected area. The local anesthetic or anesthesia will help endure the pain along the process as well as giving comforts to the patient. If several wisdom teeth will be removed, your dentist might use general anesthetic. General anesthetic is used to numb the entire area of your body; this might also cause you from falling asleep. While doing the process, the dentist will open up the tissue and extract the bones covering the affected teeth. With that, he can now freely remove the diseased teeth. If the emergency wisdom teeth removal successfully takes place, your dentist will then stitch the area of it while placing a cotton gauze pad on the wound to stop the bleeding. After the surgery, there are certain things that you need to consider such as taking painkillers for a speedy recovery. You are also suggested to avoid any physical activities for this might cause your gums to bleed. Eating soft foods such as soup and gelatin are also advised by your dentist or oral surgeon since this can help healing the wound. After the said surgery, you are also advised to stop smoking by the next 24 hours because germs can take place when using it which causes the healing to delay.

Emergency wisdom teeth removal avoids gum diseases; this can also give you a perfect shape most especially if your jaw is not large enough to accommodate the entire area of it. Furthermore, this can also help avoid any future infections and severe cases like cysts. However, this doesn’t mean that there are no risks involved in this procedure; emergency wisdom teeth removal may cause dry socket or the inflammation of gums. If cases like this transpire, contact your personal dentist right away.

Our tooth is very vital. It can easily be damaged and get infected if neglected that is why to avoid cases like this, practice proper oral hygiene. Always keep in mind to visit your dentist for at least twice a year.