Uncovered Facts of Periodontitis

Indeed, taking good care of the teeth and gums is easy. Unfortunately, most men and women tend to overlook this regimen due to hectic schedules. Periodontitis is a serious dental problem that requires immediate dental assistance. This is due to its perilous effect which may jeopardize the overall wellness. If left untreated, periodontitis may result to tooth loss and the destruction of your soft tissues and bones. To prevent this, you can get in touch with an emergency dentist San Jose CA.


Due to its increasing demand of treatment, a lot of experts uncover ways to prevent this oral problem as well as its effects. But first off, what is periodontitis? How does it affect your overall health? And how to know whether you are infected by this terrible problem?


Based on research, periodontitis is a progressive disorder which typically transpires when the person experienced the inflammation of gums. This disease can also infect the sulcus and other tissues, ligaments and bones that support the teeth. Studies show that the best and most efficient way to avert such predicament is the application of proper hygiene. This is because periodontitis contains dangerous microorganisms which result to dental plaque and tartar.


Periodontitis showcases many risk factors. Aside from getting effects from bad oral habits, this also involves poor nutrition, Gingivitis, diabetes, genetics, hormonal changes, medication that triggers reduction of saliva and utilization of tobacco.


Periodontitis is like the other diseases – definitely easy to treat during its earlier stages. However, this oral problem can also result to several medical conditions if left untreated. There are three stages of Periodontitis: Early Periodontitis, Moderate Periodontitis and Advanced Periodontitis.  In general, early periodontitis exhibits bleeding gums, bad breath and tooth sensitivity while moderate periodontitis destroys the ligaments – parts where teeth are supported. This stage is where the development of pockets and spaces between the teeth happens. These pockets destroy the tissues and bones as it allows the debris to stay in contact with the teeth. The last and most hazardous stage is the advanced periodontitis. This third stage is the most crucial one for this starts to progress and develops into different serious cases. Individuals who have advanced periodontitis normally experience receding gums, tooth sensitivity and puss-filled pockets. As opposed to the first two stages, advanced periodontitis is pretty difficult to treat as it greatly affects the teeth and bones, resulting to bone and tooth loss.


Even though periodontitis is a serious condition, this dental problem however is curable. There are two ways to treat periodontitis – the surgical method and non-surgical method. Surgical procedure incorporates bone grafting, crown lengthening and pocket reduction method while non-surgical method involves scaling and root planning procedure. Most dentists also offer antibiotics as these medications are effective in controlling the infections.


Practicing the right oral hygiene is the most efficient step in avoiding periodontitis. Of course, attending regular dental visits is also advised as it helps in monitoring the present condition of your oral health. Remember that periodontitis exists when plaques are overlooked. Therefore, always brush and floss your teeth to keep it away from periodontitis.


In case you are affected by periodontitis, speak with your dentist now!