What Makes Dental Exams and Dental Checkups Important?

What Makes Dental Exams and Dental Checkups Important?


Keeping our oral health in excellent condition is among the most intricate things to do. This is because our oral health and overall health is intertwined. In other words, an extreme oral issue like gum disease can lead to a more dangerous health problem like diabetes and heart-related diseases. Because of this, a lot of experts recommend that a person should be 100% healthy orally, hence joining and participating on dental exams and dental checkups must be properly maintained. According to American Dental Association or ADA, a person must at least have a dental exam and dental checkup every six months annually in order to stay healthy orally. To get to know more about this matter, check these guys out.


Based on experts, exams and dental checkups are not only limited to teens and adults as even infants can be positive to any oral issues. Experts said that a child’s dental care should start at the age of twelve months. In this case, infants with dental issues are caused by injuries and developmental stage disorders. Due to this, the child’s parents must contact a pediatrician or a family doctor to assess the child’s condition as well as to avoid future oral problems. Also, a baby must see his dentist after his birthday or six months after the first teeth appear. After the first dental visit, a scheduled regular dental visit can now be realized.


For adults and teens, dental exams and dental checkups are extremely important. This is because the majority of dental problems exist at this stage. The basic dental exam for adults and teens usually involve the assessment of dental problems that span from cavities, tooth root decay, gum disease, broken teeth, enamel erosion and bite issues like the TMD. If you haven’t seen a dentist for quite a while, then an X-ray method will be given to you. Once the X-ray is done, your dental hygienist will provide you a thorough dental cleaning in order to remove and take off all the tartar and dental plaque buildup. Once the dental exam is done, your own dentist will now give you the right dental treatment for you. Basically, dental exams and dental checkups for kids, teens and adults are only the same. For kids, dental hygienists mostly teach them how to properly brush and floss the teeth. The dentist will also give them factors why maintaining the right oral hygiene is important. This will give the child a chance to realize about how imperative it is to keep their oral health healthy.


Skipping dental exams and dental checkups is really tempting, however, always keep in mind that the more you neglect your obligations to your oral health, the more it becomes susceptible to any oral issues, giving your wallets also a difficult time to adjust. Remember that dental treatments are mostly expensive especially for those comprehensive treatments that require a series of dental methods. We all know that brushing and flossing the teeth are not enough to maintain an excellent oral health that is why it is extremely vital to attend regular dental exams and dental checkups. This won’t just avoid you from future oral problems but as well as impeding you from squandering a lot of penny over the long haul. In connection to this, if you have dental insurance, make sure to reap the benefits of it. Most dental insurance covers preventive care including dental exams and dental checkups.


So what are you waiting for now? Talk to your dentist today and schedule a regular dental exam and dental checkup once every six months!