Pregnant Women Prone to Tooth Loss?

Expectant mothers are delicate, emotional and sensitive. Small or big – all the efforts done for them play so much importance during their pregnancy stage. No wonder why it’s easy for them to get poignant. However, being sensitive is not just about emotions as all pregnant women are reported and proved to be twice liable to health problems.

Why Expectant Mothers Prone to Tooth Loss

Based on research, expectant moms are twice prone to dental problems. Regardless of the proven links between them, studies proved that majority of pregnant women suffer from tooth loss. With this, pregnant women are advised to consult a dentist in San Jose CA.

Tooth loss is usually an effect of poor oral care. This dilemma is experienced both by men and women, regardless of age. Tooth loss also happens if a person practices bad habits, like excessive smoking and chewing of tobacco. Just like smokers, pregnant women also are susceptible to dental problems.

Aside from smokers, pregnant women also are highly prone to gingivitis. Gingivitis is a mild form of gum disease. This condition causes expectant mothers to get red, bleeding and swollen gums. Similar with other dental issues, this problem advances when ignored. Gingivitis can result to periodontal disease. With its multiple consequences, advanced periodontal disease allows pregnant women to suffer from tooth loss.

As stated earlier, it’s not pregnancy itself that causes tooth loss. The main culprit is poor oral care. Unlike the non-busy peeps, parents and soon-to-be one’s carry lots of baggage. This circumstance alone makes them pay less attention to oral care. Although taking care of their kids is a valid cause, this behavior is an unhealthy practice. Pregnant or not, neglecting oral care is not advisable. Other than causing pain to teeth health, dental problems promote serious general health issues, like diabetes, obesity and heart failures.

Expectant mothers should learn that dental problems can affect the baby. The complications you get can be passed to the baby. This fact reminds pregnant moms to visit their dentists on a regular basis. Remember that a skipped dental consultation can allow dental issues to penetrate.

Pregnant or not, you must not neglect your oral health. Even though pregnant moms are much prone to tooth loss, always bear in mind that practicing good oral care is a lifetime obligation.