Why Second Hand Smokers Are Exposed to Dental Problems?

Cigarette smoking is a known habit widely used by most individuals to relieve stress. Aside from that, this helps cut the potential risks of several health issues, like obesity, Parkinson’s disease and the likes. Unfortunately, this habit appears unhealthy to your dental health. This often happens especially when used improperly and skipped 24 hours dental emergency.

Why Second Hand Smokers Are Exposed to Dental Problems

As outlined by research, smoking is one of the leading causes of death. Other than causing lung cancer and stroke, this can cause heart attack. For this reason, smoking is treated as amongst the most damaging habits and growing problem in the entire nation. Other than affecting the body, this negatively affects the dental health. Studies show, smoking affects the teeth, gums and even your jawbone and mouth tissues.

But wait, did you know that this fact doesn’t only referring to the user? Based on research, even second hand smokers are exposed to the adverse effects of smoking.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that over 45 million Americans engage to smoking. This vice affects the dental health along with the 126 million non-smoking Americans. Non-smokers are relatively known susceptible to death due to unhealthy smoke coming from different exposed and public places, like homes, offices and public markets. Smoker or non-smoker, it pays to be cautious on carcinogens and nicotine.

Carcinogens and nicotine are two common ingredients of cigarettes. These increase the potential risks of tooth decay and cavities. No wonder why smokers are advised not to kiss youngsters to help secure their baby teeth and their future permanent ones.

If non-smokers have continuous contact with cigarette smokers, they have greater chances of getting gum disease. Periodontal disease is an infection that inflicts the gum. This happens when teeth are filled with bacteria brought by excess level of dental plaques. Dental plaques are sticky films. These are packed with huge oral bacteria that induce gingivitis, the mildest form of gum disease. If left untreated, this may contribute to a series of dental problems, like dental abscess, bleeding gums and tooth loss.

If you think smokers have higher risks to dental problems, you’re wrong. Recent studies proved that non-smokers get elevated risks of dental problems and other health issues, like lung cancer. Professionals added that majority of heart disease sufferers are second hand smokers. Non-smokers are also likely to get afflicted by breast and oral cancer.

For wholesome living, consider practicing dental care and a healthy lifestyle. Avoid smoking at all cost! Remember that one cigar stick can reduce life expectancy.