Emergency Dentist San Jose CA

If you are looking for an Emergency Dentist in San Jose CA, call us at (408) 831-3399. We can provide instant dental services to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Dental emergencies happen unexpectedly. Besides causing unhealthy effects to your oral health, this can cause havoc to your entire body. Luckily, you have us with you! Our company features a huge network of skilled dentists who can handle dental emergencies. Among the common issues they can solve are:


Acute pain means your dental nerve is infected. Normally, this requires a root canal treatment. Root canal’s primary goal is to secure your teeth. This type of procedure necessitates your dentist to remove the infected pulp to keep the pulp chamber and your tooth from danger.


Dental abscess is a huge collection of pus that forms in your gums and teeth. It is a pink and yellowish fluid that is often caused by bacterial infection. Aside from your teeth and gums, dental abscess can affect your throat, jaw, mouth and face. With incisions performed by our one-of-a-kind dentists, you can overcome this problem. Just call us and we’ll be with you instantly.


A trauma (fracture, dislocation or loss of a tooth) is an urgent matter that requires immediate attention. This may be a sport-related injury or sometimes caused by an accident. Lucky for us, this can be treated thru endodontic treatment. This can be delivered by our dentists with ease and convenience.

There are numerous emergency dentists in San Jose working on-board. All of them are equipped with: excellent characteristics, forms of care, specialty, professional teams, equipment, facilities, and services.

We know all about your oral health.  They have been working in this field since 2009, delivering unmatched services to dental patients. Aside from our professional dentists, we have high quality dental equipment that can cater to any types of dental problems. Among the services offered are: oral rehabilitation, dental implant devices, oral surgery centers, endodontics, prosthodontics, dentures, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, periodontics, occlusion, radiology and more. If it’s your kid or your grandpa that requires dental care, don’t fret. Our services extend to adult and pediatric patients.

Since our dentists work 24/7, you can ensure their service day and night! They work during weekends and even on the holiday seasons. Moreover, all of them undergo pre-screening in California which ensures your safety throughout your therapy.

So sit back and relax. Give us a call and we’ll be with you within minutes! Call our Emergency Dentists  on (408) 831-3399.

Emergency Dentist San Jose CA