Expecting Mothers and Tooth Loss Tendencies

Bearing a child is a very exciting and wonderful experience in a span of nine months or maybe less. There are different things or tasks that you can and can’t do as your pregnancy progresses. The changes in your body definitely need more than adjustments but patience and a lot of strength. Your foot pretty much swells, your back will ache, your breasts would increase in size, and you would definitely feel nauseous most of the time apart from the morning sickness. The sacrifices involved like these physical changes and challenges only prove that you are a walking embodiment of the miracle of life. Unknowingly, apart from all these symptoms, pregnancy also has an effect on your oral health involving your teeth.  Pregnancy can contribute to tooth loss.

When you vomit, the acid from the stomach comes in contact with your tooth’s enamel. The tooth’s enamel is naturally the hard covering of the tooth that protects the softer part of the tooth where nerves and tissues can be found. When you throw up every morning during pregnancy, the damage to your tooth’s enamel is pretty extensive especially when most pregnant women automatically brush their teeth. This is a common mistake that worsens the tooth erosion. People usually do this to get rid of the nasty flavor left in their mouth and cleanse. Vomiting softens your teeth and brushing them right after only makes the enamel thinner.

Pregnant women are at risk to having tooth sensitivity, yellow teeth, and tooth loss because of brushing right away after vomiting. When the enamel is compromised, the nerves inside the tooth are more exposed making extreme temperatures hard to tolerate and teeth discoloration follows as the softer layer of the tooth is yellowish. Tooth decay and gum infections can soon follow as bacteria will have an easier access inside the tooth. This is why most women lose their tooth after pregnancy.

Here are a few tips from your after hours emergency dentist to protect your teeth during pregnancy.

Hour rule. When you get morning sickness, always remember to wait for an hour before you brush your teeth. This gives your mouth ample amount of time to return to its balanced state. You can rinse your mouth right after vomiting as it is the best course of action instead of brushing right away.

Soft bristles. Choose a toothbrush with soft bristles to prevent and avoid further enamel erosion. It can clean and at the same time protect your teeth.

Water intake. Pregnant women should take water as much as possible to keep being hydrated. You can also add mint to your drink as it doesn’t irritate the stomach and also give a fresh after taste.Tooth  loss

Dental visit. You can also ask your dentist for suggestions on mouthwash and other dental issues.

Pregnancy can be fun as long as you come prepared with the challenges. Your oral health doesn’t have to suffer. With the help of these tips, you can lower the risks of losing your teeth and keeping that smile for the coming of your precious ones.