Straight Wire Braces for Straight Teeth


It’s common for us to wish for straight teeth. This asset helps you build a excellent smile and have wholesome oral health. The only problem is it takes time and effort to achieve this. Lucky for us, we can rely on  dental braces.

Dental braces can straighten out our teeth! The primary reason of getting this treatment is to solve abnormal bites, like malocclusion.

Orthodontic dentistry’s dental braces have extended their hands to countless people. Majority of these individuals have issues with their teeth’s alignment, bite and their smile. Luckily, dental braces can help them achieve their most desired smile. Most especially if used with a memory wire. Needless to say, we are talking about the most famous and popular type of dental brace: the straight wire braces.

Straight wire braces comes with a flexible metal wire. It can put a pressure to your teeth and gently shift them to their perfect places. Straight wire braces work through a bracket that’s placed to its predetermined places. The reasons are to correct your teeth and move them in the right direction. When your dentist secured the brackets, he will start with the straight wires. The two materials actually work in sync. As brackets bend due to your teeth, the straight wires pull them back to its original shape. This will force your teeth to move.

As outlined by research, straight wire braces are of alloys specifically from nickel-titanium. These materials can adjust to your mouth’s temperature. Therefore, it is flexible and very easy to work with brackets. As the alloys become warm, your teeth eventually move. As a result, you gain straight teeth.

Straight wire braces are just among the types of dental braces. If you’re not fond of wearing metals, you can choose other options, like braces made of clear and gold braces. These treatments are powered of modern orthodontic technology. Therefore, these types of dental braces provide comfort, durability and fast result that you’ll love! Aside from promoting perfect smile, braces fight abnormal bites, like overbite.

Since straight wires can help you build straight teeth, you should be aware about the duration of this treatment. Most cases, it takes 2 years to finish. Aside from learning more on straight wire braces, an orthodontist will educate you about dental care and good oral hygiene. Of course, ensure that your chosen dentist is an after hours emergency dentist.

Straight wire braces are truly reliable. But remember that nothing can beat preventive dentistry and dental care.