Tooth Discoloration’s Undesirable Shade

Everyone dreams of having perfect smile. This means having perfect lips and a perfect set of pearly whites. Pearly whites mean a set of teeth has no signs of dental problems, including a slight shade that indicates discoloration or stains.tooth-discolorations-undesirable-shade2

Also known as discoloration, tooth stains are one of the most rampant dental problems reported today. This stems from bad oral habits and poor oral hygiene. Based on experts, only thru dental visit you can identify the root cause of stains. Moreover, dental visits help you identify what type of stain you have. Stains can be extrinsic or intrinsic. Extrinsic stains mean the discoloration of teeth take place on the teeth’s surfaces. Opposite to this factor is intrinsic. Intrinsic stains are stains within your teeth. It affects the inner layers of your teeth, including the dentin and pulp chamber.

Extrinsic stains are more prevalent than intrinsic. Usually, the stain exists due to bad oral habits, including dental neglect. This unhealthy deed commences from irregular brushing and flossing of teeth down to frequent absences to dental consultations. Extrinsic stains may also occur when you are into unhealthy vices. People who are into excessive smoking or tobacco chewing, coffee and alcohol drinking are prone to this discoloration. On the contrary, intrinsic stains exist because of trauma. Individuals who are into outdoor activities or those who met an accident are susceptible to this discoloration. Intrinsic stains are effects of mishaps, like broken tooth, chipped or knocked out tooth. Excess level of fluoride also is a factor of this stain. Fluorosis, either acquired or inherited, are intrinsic stains.

tooth-discolorations-undesirable-shadeYou can identify when your teeth have stains simply by looking at its shades. If your teeth carry the shades of brown, black or yellow, you might be suffering from this condition. The great news though is you can address this problem with your emergency dental in San Jose CA. There are different remedies you can rely on against discoloration.

Teeth whitening treatments are the most sought after remedy for stains. However, this usually responds to extrinsic stains. The most advanced form of teeth whitening is of laser. Laser teeth whitening have a timesaving advantage. It showcases higher shades of white which makes your teeth look healthy and dashing! Nonetheless, you need thorough dental examination before you know you can get this treatment. Similar with other treatments, not all patients are fit to this treatment. Since teeth whitening mostly effect to extrinsic, patients with intrinsic stains often require tougher brands of teeth whitening products to ensure the stains are off your teeth. Other forms of remedies for discoloration are dental veneers, micro-abrasion and dental fillings since some stains come with cavities or tooth decay.

Although stains are less alarming problems, you need to consider professional dental care. This is to save your teeth. After all, tooth discoloration is still a part of the unhealthy society of dentistry. And just like its other kinds, you need to get rid of the stains before it inflicts further damages.

If you think your teeth have stains, seek teeth whitening products thru a dental consultation.