Why Monitor Dental Caries Closely?

The key to a healthier life is to practice proper hygiene including balanced diet and regular checkups. However, due to some reasons, we tend to forget meeting these important practices. The teeth are among the most important parts of the body. If the teeth are impacted, we cannot eat, chew and speak properly. If the teeth are infected, the entire body might also be affected. This is mainly because the mouth and body are connected.


There are numerous dental problems existing today including dental caries. Dental caries or popularly known as cavities and tooth decay, are diseases that attack the teeth and destroy the tooth enamel. This typically happens when the teeth aren’t receiving enough proper care like daily brushing. Dental caries also exist due to bad oral habits such as eating too much candy, soda and cake. In other words, this takes place when you consume a pack of sugar-rich food and beverages. Consider the following dental reviews to know more about this culprit.


When you eat a lot of sugar-content foods, the teeth became prone to dental caries. This is the primary explanation why daily brushing and flossing is required. If you brush and floss your teeth appropriately on daily basis, food particles stuck in the teeth are removed. Basically, sugar-rich foods contain acids which destroy the surface of the teeth. Now, what are different warning signs of dental caries? And what are effective treatments to solve it?


There are several symptoms for dental caries like tooth discoloration and getting too sensitive to heat and cold. Holes on your teeth and white spots around it can also be a strong indication to caries. On top of that, tooth decays are also present if you experience sharp tooth pain that can’t be solved through toothache home remedies.


Once caries are circulating around the teeth, it is smart to contact your dentist right away. Dentists can provide efficient treatments in terms of solving tooth decay. These treatments are namely as:


Tooth Filling – When the decay is not too severe, a filling is executed to save the tooth. In this process, the dentist will remove and drill the impacted portion of the tooth. He will then replace it with a filling. Tooth filling can be made from silver, alloy, gold and porcelain. The most sought-after filling is the porcelain type since this resembles the color of the teeth.


Dental Crowns – Dental crowns are among the most efficient methods in terms of fixing and saving the tooth from dental caries. The main objective of this process is to recover the size, shape and natural look of the impacted tooth. Basically, crowns are made from different varieties like gold, ceramic and porcelain. All these types are made to fight dental caries.


Root Canal – RCT or root canal treatment is used when the infection of tooth decay reaches the pulp chamber. The main purpose of this treatment is to repair and save the tooth from extraction. This process removes the infected pulp and nerve while cleaning the insides of the tooth. Root canal treatment is pretty favorable today as this comes with pain-free procedure.


Tooth Extraction – There are instances in which the infection and bacteria become uncontrollable that even RCT and filling cannot solve it. Tooth extraction is the last option and most effective procedure in removing dental caries. The dentist will pull out the infected tooth which mostly followed by implants and dental bridge to solve the gap created by the missing tooth.


Dental caries aren’t silent killers. Therefore, it’s easy to detect its presence, which must be monitor closely. Contact your dentist right ahead to save the tooth from extraction. Remember that natural teeth are always better compared to prosthetics or natural tooth. With that in mind, see to it that you practice the right oral habits. Stay away from food and beverages which can invite thousands of dental caries.


You see, it’s not hard to lay your time in brushing and flossing. In fact, these basic steps are the easiest way to prevent caries from penetrating. Needless to say, rinsing your mouth with mouthwashes helps. This anti-septic solution can help maintain your mouth free from bad bacteria and food particles.


As a whole, always practice proper oral regimen to prevent dental caries and don’t forget to attend regular dental checkups for proper oral examination. Bear in mind that dental checkups help prevent any oral problems from coming.