Bypass Multiple Dental Visits thru E4D Dentist Chairside CADCAM System

There are lots of things you can thank for to dental restorations. Aside from improving your smile, dental restorations restore your teeth’s function and enhance your oral health. Apparently, dental restoration may go bad sometimes. This is where inconvenience takes place!bypass-multiple-dental-visits-thru-e4d-dentist-chairside-cadcam-system

When you need a dental restoration, expect multiple dental visits. That fact alone proves you why a lot of people prefer to keep their cracked or broken tooth and ditch their dentist. For example, a dental crown procedure is the most in-demand restoration today. This procedure requires two or more visits, depending when the dental laboratory can produce the final product. And once your customized crown fails, expect to see your dentist again! Imagine how irritating this is to you.

Luckily, you don’t need to deal with this type of stress. Thanks to the E4D Chairside CAD/CAM System! This innovative system is made from D4D Technologies, L.L.C.

The E4D Chairside CAD/CAM System is one of the newest products of dentistry. This new technology allows dental patients to finish their restoration in one single visit! Name any kind of dental restoration you need, with the System, you can have it done with ease! Among the dental restorations it supports are dental inlay, dental crowns and dental veneers.

Before that, what exactly is the CAD/Cam System? How does it support the emerging success of the E4D Chairside CAD/CAM System?

CAD/CAM dental technology advocates convenience and easiness. Emergency dentistswho developed this system, desires to fill the growing need of dental patients towards comfort and easy access on dental restoration. The CAD/CAM system is composed of three parts. These are the computer system, milling unit and the software. The computer system features a monitor and hardware that can help your dentist view the images and design your personalized restoration. The milling unit, on the contrary, mills or cuts the restoration. Therefore, this equipment is the one responsible for shaping the material. Lastly is the software that works with your restoration. This helps your dentist create the most appropriate restoration for you.

The E4D Chairside CAD/CAM System firstly works by taking a dental impression. Since this requires you to sit still without any movements, especially swallowing, you may be exposed to gag problems. However, if your dentist uses digital impression, that might not become a problem to you. After the dental impression, your dentist will use the system in designing the restoration. Since the system uses a high-speed dental laser, it will be easier for dentists to read your teeth’s structure. The dental laser of this machine is designed with tiny cameras or intraoral cameras which can capture the images and sends the data to the unit. Once all the data needed is there, the customized restoration appears on the screen.

The images are made from high quality. Therefore, your dentist can rotate, enlarge or maximize the image for proper assessment of the tooth. Unlike other imaging systems, this system can determine your dentin and enamel. It can even spot possible staining problems.

Your dentist can also make adjustments easily using this machine. Not to mention it’s capability to work with other software programs that can help improve the dentist’s way of delivering care. The most common is the Autogenesis. This program comes with several dimensions which can help reshape your restoration.

Indeed,it is beneficial to us all. However, you must consult your dentist first if you are fit to use this machine. If yes, then you get your restoration in one day! Also, make sure your dentist can handle this device. Since this is new to dentistry, not all dentists on board undergone the special training needed for E4D Chairside CAD/CAM System. Don’t forget that the success of E4D Chairside CAD/CAM System relies in your dentist’s hands.

If you think you’re ready for E4D Chairside CAD/CAM System, contact a credible dentist now.