How Dental Hygienist Can Assist You?


First timers lack ideas about dental-related matters. In fact, they have no idea that a successful treatment is done by a dental team, not by the dentist alone. In a dental team, there will always be a dental hygienist.

Dental hygienists mostly receive the least appreciation. But did you know that they are among the significant reasons of having a smooth and successful dental appointment?

As outlined by research, dental hygienists strive hard to assess your teeth properly. Their most common job is to clean your teeth and ensure they are prepared for the next dental treatment. Dental hygienists are considered licensed oral health specialists. You can easily identify them as the ones who assist the doctor or emergency dentist. Aside from that, they also check if you carry the potential signs of cavities.

Dental hygienists also spend time in educating their patients. They are the best dental professionals to talk to with regards to your oral health. Dental hygienists are knowledgeable in enhancing your oral health. Without them, your dentist can’t provide the basic yet best care for you.

Several duties and responsibilities carried out by a registered dental hygienist are applying fluoride to your teeth, processing your dental x-rays and examining your head and mouth for diseases. They also help you with your dental sealant procedure, remove bad microorganisms, such as tartars and teach you about good oral hygiene practices. If you lack ideas about proper brushing and flossing, they are also the best persons to approach. Dental hygienists also collect your medical and dental history.

Among the duties mentioned above, oral screening is the most vital job of a dentist hygienist. Why? It is because this method helps you identify if you carry the warning signs of some severe dental problems, like gum disease and mouth cancer. Therefore, these professionals help you achieve early detection of any mouth diseases. And obviously, early detection of any types of mouth illnesses can increase your chance of eliminating them.

Dental hygienists may work in the shadows of their dentists. But don’t underestimate their existence. If you want to learn about their roles and responsibilities, you can read the tidbits above or you can call our  emergency dentists in  San Jose.