Fight Gum Disorder thru Arestin


Gum disease is a very prevalent disorder especially to adults. Those who get affected with this are fond of neglecting their dental care routines and have been consistently practicing unhealthy oral habits. Excessive smoking and drinking are two of the living proofs to that.

For individuals who think it’s the end, dentists will let you see it’s not. Thanks to different gum treatments nowadays.

Periodontal disorder takes place due to a number of factors. One is due to excessive tooth decay. Tooth decay is a result of dental neglect and is very popular to youngsters and kids. This dental plaque effect doesn’t only affect your teeth’s welfare, but the gums, too. Dental plaques are popular hard deposits in your mouth caused by skipped good oral hygiene habits, such as daily brushing, dental flossing and regular dental visits. As outlined by research, dental plaques take 26 hours to buildup. Imagine its undesirable menace to your oral health if you skipped your dental obligations for just one day.

Another cause of gum disease is bad oral habits. Obviously, we all know the adverse reactions of excessive smoking and alcohol drinking to your gum health. Besides causing bad breath and stains, this factor triggers gum disorder.

Fortunately, gum disease treatments allow us to fight gum disease after refusing dental care. One of the most effective treatments is Arestin.

Arestin is a tasteless antibiotic usually applied on the pockets. Dentists usually perform this after the scaling and root planing treatment. Since Arestin contains an active ingredient, primarily minocycline, it can help minimize and eradicate the warning signs and symptoms of periodontal disease. After 21 days of taking such medication, you will finally see the result.

The primary use and function of Arestin is to clean the unhealthy remains, such as bacteria, after your dentist applies the SRP treatment. Since SRP treatment doesn’t guarantee of removing the entire bacteria, Arestin will do such honor. Among the bacteria removed by Arestin are those that live within the periodontal pockets. In other words, Arestin provides extra care and protection against periodontal disease. If your emergency dental location in San Jose CA suggests this medication after SRP, fret no more about the remaining bacteria. Arestin will sweep those out of your gums! Aside from aiding you with your infected periodontal pockets, Arestin enhances your healing process. No wonder why after days of taking this treatment, your gums heal.

People who end up with periodontal disease no longer need to worry about gum disease. Arestin will help you with that. If you want to learn more of this treatment, you can consult a periodontist. Periodontists are dental experts who specialize in preventing, treating and resolving gum disease.

To learn what’s behind Arestin treatment, schedule a dental appointment now.